San Lorenzo SL 86 Yacht

San Lorenzo SL 86 yacht is the representative of the new generation of the stylish SL line. This yacht is built in fiberglass featuring the planning hull for get-up-and-go performance. She is also pretty fast as she reaches maximum speed of 32 knots. SL 86 is in fact a very successful successor of the popular SL 82. She is not only longer, but also wider for larger interior accommodations. There are also bigger windows on the main deck, so the main salon has more natural light. This play of light makes the space inside to look even bigger.

Another outstanding fact about this yacht is the layout. The client can choose between two options. The galley can be placed on the main deck or the lower deck. If the galley is placed on the lower deck close to the crew quarters, the entertaining and guest area on the main deck is even bigger.




San Lorenzo SL 86 Yacht – Bright and Airy

Through the years Sanlorenzo’s clients’ profile changed. In the past the majority of customers were European, particularly Italian. Now Sanlorenzo’s clients come from all around the world, from America to Russia or from Eastern Europe to Asia. Therefore the two-option layout fit better the different markets and proves the Italian ship builder flexibility.

Technical Data:

  • Length overall : 26.76 m
  • Maximum beam : 6.35 m
  • Draught @ full load : 1.90 m
  • Maximum speed : a) 30 knots b) 32 knots
  • Engines : a) 2 x MTU 12V2000 M96 – 1822 HP b) 2 x MTU 12V2000 M96L – 1947 HP
  • Guests accommodation : 8 people
  • Accommodation for the crew : 3 people
  • Fuel oil tank capacity : 8,100 l

SL 86 of Sanlorenzo Americas

As it was mentioned before Sanlorenzo yachts are made with regards to clients’ needs including special requirements based on the climate or cultural differences, therefore there is Sanlorenzo Americas, the American partner of Sanlorenzo.

Their SL 86 edition was designed in the cooperation with Sanlorenzo’s valuable partner, the Lauderdale-based interior designer Marty A. Lowe. This professional collaboration was very fruitful. She has an eye for drama and elegance. But mainly they both share the same philosophy that the yacht should reflect the owner’s taste and style.

SL 86’s interior is truly remarkable as there is something to like in each area. The yacht is bright and cheerful; it gives a great first impression when getting on board. Everything feels very spacious as there are oversized windows that bring more light and the woodwork is in whitewashed oak.

Worth mentioning is the central point of the salon, which tempts you to touch it, it is the forward bulkhead. It is a huge panel of a hand carved Carrara marble backlit with the LED film creating a very intimate atmosphere while dining.

Another jaw-dropping feature is the staircase to the upper deck. As the stairs are attached to the glass panel, it gives the impression they are floating in the space. It gives the feeling of the openness, impressing all the guests is just a cherry on the top.

The yacht is furnished with Paola Lenti furniture. Marty Lowe says: “A tour of their factory is the sensory overload, like a candy store I visited as a child.” This kind of says it all and to add even more value, Paola Lenti uses eco-friendly materials, such as wood from sustainable forests and non-toxic finishing treatments.



San Lorenzo SL 86 – The price of the Luxury Pleasure

As Sanlorenzo yachts are customized the final costs may vary based on the specific requirements of each client. In fact the yacht is a piece of art and its price also reflects the hard work of the craftsmen who work on it.

The new model of SL 86 (2018) is available in the market for 5,400,000 Euros (VAT not stated).

After all you buy a floating luxury, which let you to experience the freedom of sailing.

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