SanLorenzo 40 Alloy

The Italian ship builder can be proud of its Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy, as this yacht creates a category of her own. This iconic and sporty looking beauty is a fast displacement all aluminum superyacht with a semi-planning hull. The lines are elegant and timeless, a feature typical for any Sanlorenzo yacht. And as this Italian ship builder always pushes to exceed his expectations, this model is packed with lots of smart innovations such as the fold-down terraces in the main salon or the owner’s suite which opens out to the sea and really cool gull-wing doors, that you can usually expect on the sports car.

SanLorenzo 40 Alloy – An Exciting Tour around a Special Yacht

This yacht is simply showing that Sanlorenzo’s will to satisfy the clients is pretty much unlimited. 40 Alloy is pretty fast considering the fact she is 40 meters long, she can pull out the maximum speed of 27 knots, pretty impressive for a vessel of her size. She actually looks fast even when she is not moving thanks to her sporty lines and silver painted exterior. This is a yacht that turns heads when she floats to the port.




Technical Data:

  • Length overall : 40.80 m
  • Maximum beam : 7.90 m
  • Draught @ full load : 2.55 m
  • Maximum speed : 23 knots
  • Engines : 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L
  • Guests accommodation : 10 people
  • Accommodation for the crew : 6 people
  • Fuel oil tank capacity : 30,000 l

Warship-looking Exterior and the Decks

She really looks a bit like a warship from the distance, especially when she slides like a bullet on the water, but in fact what is hidden behind this sporty and sleek look is the luxurious superyacht that offers comfort and lots of fun on board.

In order to give the owner and his guests more privacy the exterior decks area have been slightly recessed. The aft deck is dominated by two tables with built-in seats, a perfect place for dining. There are also chairs and the table close to the bar area.


The Interior – The Pleasure for All Luxury Lovers

If you let yourself to be deceived by her sporty and sharp look, you might be shocked once you enter. The interior, the same as the exterior is the work of Francesco Paszkowski. He designed many of Sanlorenzo’s yachts and his cooperation with the Italian ship builder is very successful. The interiors of 40 Alloy are lavish, but also designed to stimulate the conversation and sociability, which is a common feature for other Sanlorenzo models as well. There is a huge lounge area where can guests enjoy their private talks or group discussions. Very interesting are also the tables specially created as chess and baccarat boards.

The same as all Sanlorenzo yachts also 40 Alloy’s interior is customized according to her owner’s taste. The designers also bear in mind that the owner or his guests would like to do some work while cruising; therefore there is a small office, equipped with large desk, comfortable seating and lots of natural light. For those who like to stay fit while enjoying the voyage, there is a gym connected to the office.

But the lightning is probably the most innovative feature as only a few areas on board rely on the lamps. Every room has recessed overhead lightning that softly illuminates the space. They also placed some lights around the lower contours and furniture, very creative designing, small details that makes this yacht so special.


The Cabins

This yacht has enough space for ten guests and six-member crew. The owner’s cabin is on the main deck. The cabin has fully customized furniture and details. Very interesting is the designer’s minimalistic approach to the owner and guest cabins. Therefore there are not too many objects in the rooms making it too busy. However there is a really pleasant addition in the owner’s room as it has a small deck, so that the owner can enjoy refreshing night breeze or let more sun in.

As it was mentioned before the yacht was designed to be social and let the guests to interact with each other, so there are no televisions in the guest rooms, probably not to let them lock themselves away, but rather go out and enjoy the world around instead.




San Lorenzo Alloy 40 – The Performance

This yacht is truly outstanding from inside out as she has one of the most modern and sophisticated machinery and tools, which makes her really fast considering her size. She is powered by two MTU engines that pump out 2,775 HP a piece. The 30,000 l fuel tank capacity gives her a range of 800 nautical miles, so it is possible to go for long-distance cruises as well.

San Lorenzo Yacht 40 Alloy – The Price of the Unique Sailing Experience

The price of this guilty pleasure may vary as the final costs depends on many factors, such as if the model is new or pre-owned, also the amount of requested customizations as Sanlorenzo let the clients to contribute with their own ideas and the list can go on.


For example:

  • The new model of Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy (2018) is offered for 18,900,000 Euros (VAT is not stated) – Location Italy
  • The pre-owned model Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy Scorpion (2011) is offered for 11,495,000 Euros (VAT is not stated)

Sanlorenzo is building the yachts to last forever and also offers exceptional maintenance services. All traded-in yachts go through the Experienced Yacht Programme, which is a process that aims to provide the traded-in yachts with the refit in order to offer them in perfect condition to the new owner. Therefore buying a pre-owned Sanlorenzo is almost like buying a new one and as a bonus you can save significant sum of money.

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